Organto Announces Letter of Intent to Form Organto Mexico S.A.

The purpose of the proposed joint venture is to form Organto Mexico S.A., an operating company to acquire, develop, own, manage or otherwise invest in food & agriculture assets or entities which produce, directly or indirectly, organic fruits and vegetables throughout Mexico, for sale into the U.S., European, Latin American and Asian markets, including Mexico, with the objective of developing Organto Mexico into one of the premier food & agriculture companies producing, packaging, marketing and distributing organic and conventional produce that is grown on farmland and controlled growing environments (i.e., greenhouses) in Mexico.

Peter Gianulis, President & CEO of Organto, said, “This is a major move toward the development of an operating platform in Mexico, with a strong local partner, in an agricultural market that borders the U.S., the largest organic market in the world, and is in one of the largest and most important agricultural economies globally.”

The LOI is intended to facilitate further discussion concerning the creation of a joint venture for the purpose of creating Organto Mexico and contains broad terms of a potential transaction through which Organto Inc. would own 50% and a private investor would own 50% of the outstanding class A shares of Organto Mexico. In addition, the joint venture would seek to form pooled investment funds to acquire or rent farmland and/or land reserves in which to produce organic fruits and vegetables across Mexico.

The LOI is non-binding and the transaction is subject to entering into a definitive agreement between the parties containing terms and conditions yet to be negotiated.


Peter L Gianulis, President & CEO

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