Patton”s New PoE Extender Kit Enables All-IP Migration & IoT

Extending 10/100 Ethernet up to 2,000 feet (610 meters) and delivering up to 15 Watts of 802.3af (or legacy) PoE to IP-enabled devices, CL1101 Ethernet Extender kits avoid the disruption, delay and expense of installing new cabling infrastructure, allowing customers to benefit instantly from the power and flexibility of IP communications.

Operating over existing copper (up to four twisted pairs) or coaxial cable, the CL1101 solution enables All-IP migration and the Internet of Things (IoT) by breathing new life into circuits previously installed for such traditional non-IP applications as RS232/485 controls, alarms, CCTV, analog phones, intercom speakers, and others.

“More often than not, existing data cables are embedded in walls, buried in concrete, hidden under an asphalt road, things like that,” explains Johnnie Grant, CopperLink Product Manager. “It can cost businesses a fortune to dig up and replace. Our solution can save customers tens of thousands of dollars by re-using that cabling versus installing new Cat5 or fiber. Fiber, anyway, cannot transport power.”

The CL1101 enables instantaneous installation of such PoE-compliant devices as wireless access points (WAPs), IP cameras, IP phones, IP door stations, intercoms, sensors, smart-LED lighting, card readers, HVAC controls, PLCs, and more.

The extended reach means Ethernet endpoints can be ideally positioned exactly where required-which is paramount in such applications as building security, where increased perimeter dimension and expanded spot coverage area are critical.

“Reliability is key,” Mr. Grant added. “These are not reference designs farmed out to the lowest overseas bidder. We know our customers. We understand their use cases and expectations. The CopperLink 1100 series is designed by Patton engineers and manufactured right here in our Maryland headquarters.”