Delaware Soybean Board seeks strategic partners


Using input from farmers, agribusinesses and the University of Delaware, the Delaware Soybean Board created and adopted a new strategic plan. Its new mission: “Invest Delaware soybean checkoff dollars to create opportunities for Delaware soybean farmers to become more profitable and efficient.”

The priority areas include Animal Agriculture, Emerging Markets, Consumer Education, Technology, and Regulation.

Proposals related to production research will follow a separate funding cycle.

The Delaware Soybean Board was first formed as a state checkoff and became a part of the Congressionally-authorized federal program in 1991. It is led by nine Delaware soybean farmers and the Delaware Secretary of Agriculture, who serves in an ex officio capacity.

Proposals with detailed budgets are due in the board office no later than July 15, via email or fax at (302) 264-8638.