Measure, Leading Commercial Drone as a Service(R) Company, Issues Statement on New FAA Rules for Commercial Drone Use

In particular, Part 107 established the first-ever drone pilot license called the “Remote Pilot in Command” (Remote PIC) certification, which will replace the previous requirement for a manned pilot’s license. The rule also stated that a visual observer will no longer be necessary during drone flights. Additionally, the rule allows for “external load operations,” or deliveries using drones. With these expanded permissions under Part 107, Measure will be better able to serve its enterprise customers.

The rules did not allow for other key issues that Measure, along with members of the Commercial Drone Alliance, have long advocated for, including 1) Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights that would give drone operators the ability to cover more areas in a shorter amount of time; and 2) nighttime operations that will benefit industries that need thermal imaging to help their work operations such as American farmers and oil and gas companies.

SOURCE Measure