Sweeteners China News April 2016 Edition – Research and Markets

In April 2016, the MOA has issued the National Adjustment Plan of Crop Framing Structure (2016-2020) to improve the planting structure of major crops in China, among which 4 fields in particular are given great importance concerning the planting of corn.

Regarding the planting area of corn, the guidelines of the before-mentioned adjustment plan, of the Structure Adjustment Plan on Corn Planting Area in Sickle-shape Region (2016-2020) and the ones belonging to the China Agricultural Outlook Report (2016- 2025) are all agreeing on one point: it is necessary to focus on reducing the corn planting area before huge corn inventories are consumed completely.

In Q1 2016, China issued a series policies to cope with the falling corn price and the high inventory of corn for temporary storage.

Meanwhile, both the market price and import & export of corn experienced large changes during this period. Chinese farmers are stimulated by the continuous surge in pork market price. Since March 2016, the number of live pigs in farm has started to rebound. Thanks to this, domestic feed producers expect to improve their sales and profits.

– Different sugar price trends in China and abroad

– China’s sugar output continues falling

– China’s sucralose price rises largely in May 2016

– XTAD vs Jiangsu Tiansheng: reliance on common liquorice products, poor competitiveness in market

– Nanning Sugar: financial falls expected to slow down in 2016

– Shandong Longlive finishes acquiring 2 Internet companies

– Ex-works prices of sweeteners in China in May 2016

– Sluggish sales of crystalline glucose in China in May 2016

– Exports of some sweeteners and raw materials in China, March 2016

– China’s HFCS: large rise in export volume in Q1 2016

– China’s saccharin: ups in both production and export in Q1 2016

– China’s exports of xylitol: up in volume and down in price in Q1 2016

– Carbonated beverage players Coca-Cola and PepsiCo: falls in Q1 2016 financial figures

– AK producer Anhui Jinhe: large rises in Q1 2016 financial figures

– ABF ponders on selling sugar business in China

– Anhui Jinhe: 500 t/a sucralose project working at full capacity

– Nanning Sugar: subsidiary to go listed on NEEQ

– Yunnan government to make law to crack down sugar smuggling

– Shandong’s 7 companies approved for importing 1,286 tonnes of sugar

– Guangxi’s Congzuo to build 133,333 ha dual high sugarcane planting base

– Shandong Longlive obtains 2 patents

– Luo Han Guo found to work in cancer prevention and control

– Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

– Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd.

– Nanning Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

– Xinjiang Talimu Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

– Jiangsu Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.