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According to the NATESC, in 2016, wheat head blight is predicted to strike heavily in China. This will be a great business opportunity for pesticide producers, given the insufficient pesticides for wheat head blight at present.

On 11 May, 2016, the CCPIA unveiled the 2015 Chinese Best-selling Biopesticide List for the first time, including 12 best sellers. Notably, ten were biofungicides, 83% of the total.

On 11 May, 2016, the CCPIA unveiled the 2016 list of China’s top 50 pesticide formulation enterprises by their full-year 2015 sales.

Most enterprises on the list showed obviously better financial performance over 2014.

Lanfeng Bio-Chem announced large fall in net profit in full-year 2015, greatly affected by the production suspension of Ningxia

Lanfeng, its wholly-owned subsidiary. In particular, this suspension pulled down the output of its carbendazim, and further the sales volume, resulting in a YoY decrease of 22.33% in its revenue from fungicide business.

Jiangsu Huifeng announced rise in its full-year 2015 revenue, thanks to its market expansion and marketing innovation. However, its net profit was dragged down by the performances of its subsidiaries, especially Nongyi Net.

In 2015, Sichuan Guoguang announced a YoY rise of 4.86% in revenue from pesticide business, to which fungicides were a large contributor.

In 2015, China’s exports of chlorothalonil technical performed well, showing rises in both volume and average price.

In Q1 2016, China’s export of fungicide formulations continued the downturn, without any evident recovery. The increase in export value was far smaller than that in export volume.

According to ICAMA, in 2015, altogether 8 new fungicide AIs registered in China, including 5 first registrations by domestic enterprises, 62.5% of the national total, slightly up over 2013 and 2014. Notably, many of the new registrations were independently developed by China.

In April 2016, altogether 9 new registrations of fungicide technical (excluding renewal of registrations), including 6 AIs, were approved in China, according to ICAMA. Thereinto, there were 4 newly-registered pyraclostrobin technical.

At the 2016 Agriculture Aviation Technology Exchange Meeting, the agriculture aviation industry was heated discussed once again.

This industry is expected to usher in prosperous development. So are the new pesticides and additives applicable through UAVs.

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