Chefs Plate expands to dinner tables across Canada

Chef’s Plate works with local Canadian farmers to source top-quality, seasonal ingredients that are fresher and more affordable than what is typically found in a local grocery store. New recipes are introduced each week and are curated by Chef’s Plate’s award-winning in-house culinary team. With 60 per cent of customers coming from existing customer referrals, the company’s experienced exponential growth over the past two years and expects to expand to 200 employees by the end of the year.

“We pride ourselves on offering customizable meal plans for every type of home cook,” continued Shea. “We want to empower Canadians to be the drivers in their own culinary journey and with offerings for families to young professionals and couples, the possibilities are endless.”

Chef’s Plate’s online menu allows you to view upcoming meals and customize your delivery and meal choices, with seven dishes to choose from (three vegetarian) each week.

SOURCE Chef’s Plate