Lotus Foods Seeks to Preserve Traditional Dehraduni Basmati Rice

Dehraduni basmati is recognized as the ‘mother of all basmati.’ It is a landrace, which means it is a locally adapted variety with a distinct identity of historical origin and lacks any formal crop improvement. Landraces are often genetically diverse and associated with traditional farming systems. They are closely associated with traditional uses, knowledge, habits, dialects and celebrations of the people who developed and continue to grow them.

The company’s introduction of the Dehraduni basmati coincides with the launch of their ‘Do the Rice Thing’ campaign, which will draw attention to the benefits of More Crop Per Drop(TM) growing methods for water and women. It will be available in bulk initially, and in both polished white and whole grain brown rice options.

Since 1995, Lotus Foods has been partnering in fair trade with small family farmers around the world who are growing rice more sustainably and preserving heirloom and specialty rices. Lotus Foods’ product line is unique in delivering consumers healthier, versatile rice and rice-based foods that respect their multiple concerns for the highest standards of taste together with social and environmental ethics.

SOURCE Lotus Foods