Stay or Leave Europe, Hundreds of Animals Will Die Without Your Help

Bexhill, United Kingdom, June 22nd 2016: Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue is at an all or nothing crossroads. If they do not raise the final 11,000 required (they already have 29,000) to buy a new home for the rescue by July 1st 2016, there will be a lot of homeless animals. And too many daily animal causes, which many other animal ‘experts’ would deem as not worth helping, placing potentially thousands of animal lives at risk. This will happen regardless of whether we stay in the EU or not.

Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue is a particularly special rescue because it runs a no kill policy, in order to give every animal their best chance of survival, no matter what. Because of this, not all animals can be returned to the wild so the rescue provides sanctuary to a small number of disabled animals, that other wildlife agencies would put down.

Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue takes in baby seagulls, baby chicks of any kind, squirrels, rabbits, bats, any wild animal that needs their assistance and volunteers feed and nuture them, giving them love and a chance. Even old gulls and cases that are deemed hopeless by other wildlife rescuers and animal experts are taken in by this rescue and loved for being the individual that they are.

Chris Tucker founder of Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue believes that “all life is sacred, including all creation, but all groups and organisations should try to work together for a world where all life from snails to fish, Gulls, farm animals, and cats, whatever the species are loved, valued and respected. That is why we love our old and disabled wildlife the most, they are the truly defenceless, and that is who we are there for.”

This rescue receives thousands of calls a year and saves hundreds, if not, thousands of animals. Without them a vital wildlife lifeline will be taken away and hundreds of animals will face being abandoned in their hour of need and die. Chris Tucker holds down two jobs, mainly self funds the rescues, handles 12 – 20 calls a day and mostly responds to calls on his own, and has a handful of volunteers to help, which shows how invaluable and needed this wildlife rescue is to the nature in this local area.

If the rescue can raise the final 11,000 needed to purchase the planned land by 1stJuly, the rescue will become a charity or trust so that this land will belong to the rescue and not an individual. The land will be used to save thousands more animal lives in the years to come, and the wildlife rescue will live on.

A vote for Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue would mean the world to hundreds of animals. So whether you choose leave or stay in the EU, lets give our British nature the dignity and respect it deserves.