First Nations Development Institute Receives $480,000 Grant From NoVo Foundation to Support Food Sovereignty Assessments in Native American Communities

Through a request-for-proposals process to be launched soon, First Nations will provide $20,000 regrants and capacity-building assistance to 20 Native American tribes, tribal departments and/or Native nonprofit organizations so they can conduct community food sovereignty assessments. These assessments help tribes and organizations develop plans to increase local control of their local food systems in order to better address community health issues, build the local economy, and preserve Native cultures.

The capacity-building assistance will be in the areas of program management, community outreach, and project administration. It will include customized webinars, technical assistance provided by specialized consultants, group conference calls, and attendance at in-person trainings.

First Nations recognizes that Native food systems are important assets of Native nations. The work of First Nations in the Native agriculture and food systems arena has been aimed at assisting Native communities in reclaiming control of local food systems in an effort to eliminate food insecurity, improve the health and nutrition of community members and, most importantly, as a mechanism for entrepreneurship and economic development. Like most assets of Native people, Native food systems have been altered, colonized and, in some cases, destroyed. Reclaiming control over local food systems promotes healthy Native nations, economies and people.