Yewno Launches Yewno for Education to Deliver Infinite Knowledge Potential and Accelerated Learning at Universities

Despite the complex technology that drives Yewno for Education’s knowledge discovery platform, discovering and engaging with topics and related information is incredibly simple. Developed for research scholars and undergraduate students alike, Yewno for Education allows users to point-and-click their way to a well-orderedlandscape of correlated knowledge in the form of a content column that appears along the right-hand side of the screen, providing a summary of the given concept and links to information sources. When users have identified the concepts that interest them most, they can connect to the details using multi-hop functionality, which instantaneously reconfigures all of the relevant information to show the recalculated relationships among the selected concepts. Moreover, users can directly access the content sources from the relevant node where concepts linkages lead.

Additionally, concepts can be revealed when a user hovers over a connecting line and with one click the correlated concepts and the source documents containing them appear. This allows a user to explore spontaneously a topic by navigating through correlated ideas/sources and to delve deeper into newly revealed, yet related topics, thus making possible exploration of cross-disciplinary details and previously unsuspected or unnoticed relationships among concepts.

Content categories represented in Yewno for Educationinclude medicine, business, humanities, engineering and technology, social sciences, education, biological sciences, creative arts and design, computer science, agriculture and related sciences, mass communications, physical sciences, legal, architecture and planning, mathematical sciences, and interdisciplinary or undecided determinants.

Yewno for Education is the first in a series of high value services for vertical markets, including financial and investment services, life sciences, and news. Each domain-specific offering will include high-quality, reputably published content contextually relevant to the needs of professional users.

A free offering for the general public is expected to launch in the near future.