Chef-Inspired Energy Bar Satisfies Diverse Palates and Sustains “Busy” Lifestyles

“The biggest roadblock busy professionals have to peak performance is a sugar crash,” says nutritionist and food expert Vianesa Vargas creator of Halftime Food Bars. She created the bars in 2013 after she noticed a need within the adult snack market. Most busy adults seek out energy bars mid-hunger spell thinking they are a healthy food option. Many people aren’t aware that these types of products are filled with sugar, which ultimately leads to another food craving within an hour and next-a severe sugar crash. Halftime Food Bars, under the direction of Vianesa, and advisement of her husband, a chef offers delicious and nutritious product options for busy adults. All bars are nut butter-based, which organically sustains energy without a sugar crash.

“Halftime Food Bars are not normal energy bars. Our products are created to provide busy professionals with a healthy snack option and an in-depth culinary experience. The clean foods we use in the bars have been proven to level out blood sugar – not spike and drop it. I started creating the products for my clients and then moved on to farmers’ markets. Now, the products are online and my sales doubled,” said Vianesa.

“The health and wellness industry is packed full of various products that can’t fully deliver on their promises. I didn’t intend for the bars to become a brand on their own. I created them to fulfill a need that most of my clients had. Word got around and everyone started buying them. I truly believe when people try Halftime Food Bars, they will become fans because the products not only taste great, but there is no sugar drop afterwards and the bars leave people feeling nourished – not hungry,” finished Vianesa.

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