Transcending Carbon Constraints

The rapidly changing world around us is having a widespread impact on just about everything: global economies, industries, markets, consumer trends and our planet’s resources. As a company, we are embracing this reality with a focused strategy and some very clear objectives.

Our way of living, and ultimately Sappi’s future, is being impacted by a number of megatrends, including shifts in demographics, technology, climate, the drivers of the global economy and the reality of adjusting to a carbon-constrained future. As a company, we understand these changes and are embracing them by adapting our business accordingly. Our ultimate goal, within a changing world, is to maintain our position as a global forest products leader. We will achieve this through the power of One Sappi-committed to collaborating and partnering with stakeholders-always focused on being a trusted and sustainable organization with an exciting future in wood fiber.

We now have the opportunity to further transform and diversify as a business.

Our approach is encapsulated in our 2020Vision. Within the next five years, we want to optimize and maximize the returns from our mature businesses, expand our existing high-growth businesses and enter new businesses in adjacent fields as we unlock and commercialize the potential of plantation and forest-derived bio-products.

Finally, how we reach our strategic goals as a business is as important as reaching those goals. Our new group value statement defines our operating ethos going forward: “At Sappi we do business with integrity and courage, making smart decisions which we execute with speed.”