Protect Nature from Invasive “Hungry Pests” with USDA”s Six Tips

Outdoor enthusiasts can follow USDA’s six tips to help keep invasive “Hungry Pests” from spreading. (Graphic: USDA-APHIS)

“We realize people don’t intentionally spread Hungry Pests,” said Suzanne Bond, assistant director, Public Affairs, USDA-APHIS. “But unfortunately, it’s possible to accidentally spread these non-native plant diseases, insects and other pests in the things people move and pack. These pests devastate trees and plants that beautify our parks and forests, as well as damage crops. Not only are ecosystems disrupted, but the cost to our nation from invasive pests is great – about $120 billion each year. Fortunately, it’s not hard to help prevent their spread.”

Outdoor enthusiasts can help protect the environment by following a few simple tips: