How The Big City Farms Deal Will Change The Face Of Sustainable Agriculture

The Family Fish Farms Network Inc. releases information on how its acquisition of a minority share of Big City Farms will change things in the Sustainable Agriculture space for the better. Further information can be found at

Earlier today, The Family Fish Farms Network Inc. announced the acquisition of a minority interest in Big City Farms, the well known urban farm of Baltimore, Maryland. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of Sustainable Agriculture, this purchase will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

Currently, with even a passing glance, a person will notice some changes that will be occurring in the future. Big City Farms operates several small growing operations within the Baltimore city limits. It is a well established brand with an existing strong customer base and a reputation for fresh locally grown food. Last winter, a severe storm seriously damaged their growing capacity.

Mr. Jerome Peloquin, the President of The Family Fish Farms Network, explained that the acquisition is part of the Company’s plan to become a major provider of local food to America’s urban communities and that other acquisitions will follow. Mr. Peloquin stated, ” Big City Farms is ideally positioned to expand our mission in Baltimore. Our company plans a distributive network of urban farms within inner cities. We are responding to a nation wide pent up demand for local food and we intend to become a major supplier to that market”.

Peloquin continued, “it is our intention to bring substantial additional capital investment to Big City Farms. In addition, we also bring new proprietary green technology that will enhance the Big City Farms growing capacity by 30%, while improving plant quality”.

This additional investment will permit them to rebuild and dramatically expand capacity. The Family Fish Farms Network will also provide additional management and technical expertise that will permit the company to reach additional markets and develop multiple streams of revenue.

The Family Fish Farms Network Inc. was established earlier in this decade. In it’s two plus years of doing business, it has always aimed to innovate in any large or small way it can, due to the firm belief that innovation drives progress and greater ability to make the planet better.

Currently, the closest thing to Big City Farms in the Baltimore area are many small urban farms, but Big City Farms will be improving on this by providing more diversity. This alone is predicted to make the newest Family Fish Farms Network Inc.’s Urban Farm more popular with customers in the Sustainable Agriculture space, quickly.

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