Mobile Wealth Revelations 2016 – Over Half-A-Billion Women in Agriculture Arent Being Approached Effectively by Mobile Operators – Research and Markets

An artful dodger designed for mobile-operators to steer ahead and bulldoze their way into the next generation of mobile wealth & profitability beyond 2015.

Unravel key formulary involved in wealth creation, accumulation, and protection of the super-perceptive mobile operator businesses till 2015.

Emulate & Practice 4G innovation; non-traditional VAS implementation; and, next-generation business re-modeling, re-packaging, and re-pricing.

Tapcross vertical/ multisectoral/ B2B opportunities fermenting across intrinsic, extrinsic, and hybrid operator-business’ environments toward 2020.

– Analysing, scrutinising, and prioritising next-gen VAS ideas and investments;

– Exploring sub-markets & sub-segments for new growth opportunities;

– Quickly offering new services, retaining and enhancing ARPUs;

– Wealth accumulation among big/ small/ new/ pre-existing MNO community;

– Searching big opportunities by identifying what existing players couldn’t spot or monetise effectively;

– Analysing vendor engagement (terms, assets, responsibilities, costing, etc.) of innovators and disruptors;

– Exploring underutilised potentials of the legacy systems that can still invigorate to your advantage;

– Securing investments amidst unfavourable scenarios;

– Capturing the ‘next big thing’ philosophy, scale of innovation and investments.

– How operators can quickly revive and post profits in Q4 after consecutive quarterly losses?

– How operators can break into a market/ market segment that appears saturated?

– How a new entrant (MNO/ MVNO) can quickly transform its mobile wealth into revenues/ profits?

– What are the different opportunities that operators could not monetise so effectively?

– How innovative operators have transformed their business?

– How operators can ride on next wave of organic growth by helping small/ medium businesses turn into digital?

– How can service providers team up with incumbents and collaborate vertically/ horizontally in the value chain?

– What new value propositions and revenue models will be required for mobile operators to compete against direct as well as indirect competitors?

– Which of the collaboration strategies can help for strengthening position in the fragmented telecom market?

– How to develop strong mobile wealth proposition, while securing investors’ confidence?

Chapter 1: Prologue: A fresh perspective for mobile wealth

Chapter 2: Multi-phased road map for mobile wealth creation beyond Voice, SMS, and Mobile Internet

Chapter 3: Step 1: Strategic remodelling of existing businesses for protecting and boosting revenue/ ARPU

Chapter 4: Step 2: Unleashing digital routes of innovation to drive mobile wealth

Chapter 5: Step 3: B2B collaboration for vertical product diversification and latent revenue streams

Chapter 6: Prominent Revelations and Recommendations