Preparing for Brexit: What UK Withdrawal from the EU Would Mean for the Agri-Food Industry – Research and Markets

The United Kingdom, and the EU, each face the prospect of momentous change following the EU membership referendum which is to be held in the UK in 2016 or 2017.

This report analyses the implications of a possible UK withdrawal from the EU (‘Brexit’) for both the UK and European agri-food industries, and in particular the income shock which would result from the probable scaling-down of farm subsidies in Britain.

An assessment is made of the kind of agriculture policy a non-aligned UK might adopt post-Brexit, and how trade relationships might evolve as the UK unpicked itself from the EU’s institutional fabric.

The report also reviews the impact of UK departure from the EU on the Union’s internal agricultural policy dynamics, and on its budget financing.

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Britain’s uneasy relationship with Europe

Chapter 2 Article 50 TEU

Chapter 3 The UK and the EU budget

Chapter 4 UK trade in agri-food products

Chapter 5 UK agriculture policy before Europe

Chapter 6 Conclusion