Insurance Noodles Farm & Ranch Quoting Capability Offers Book-Building Opportunities for Agents

The placement process for farm and ranch risk can be daunting for agents who don’t specialize in this market. Few carriers offer the coverage, and those that do typically require very detailed information on the application. Moreover, independent agents seldom carry enough farm and ranch business to earn direct appoints with carriers. As a result, agents often have to turn away the risk, losing out on a potentially lucrative client.

Now agents who join Insurance Noodle can use a single online application to get quotes from multiple carriers. By streamlining the process, Insurance Noodle hopes to see its members increase their reach into the market.

Blust went on to say that once agents submit a complete application, they can expect to see quotes within 7 to 10 business days. “That’s a decent turnaround for the specialized nature of the product,” said Blust. “Plus our farm and ranch team has solid experience. They can help members navigate the application and offer pointers on getting their clients the most competitive rates.”

SOURCE Insurance Noodle