Evergreen, Licensor of Tommy Chongs Marijuana Brand ‘Chongs Choice’ and Segra Form Strategic Alliance That Delivers High Technology Precision to the $25 Billion Cannabis Industry

Segra will also operate a molecular biology laboratory for the purpose of genotyping — genetically identifying, researching, and indexing (“fingerprinting”) — a broad variety of commercially available Cannabis strains.

Genotyping both protects Chong’s Choice products against genetic drift, and establishes a platform for the development of new, high value, proprietary strains and ancillary products.

Purity and quality are central to the widely known and highly respected Chong’s Choice brand.Now they are incorporating next generation Cannabis technology into their production.

Selecting the Segra Biogen scientific team and implementing its Quality Management System, Chong’s Choice confirms its long-term commitment to producing the purest and highest quality Cannabis products in the marketplace.


Segra Biogenesis Corp. is a Cannabis Science Company focused on standardizing cannabis production to ensure consistent and repeatable quality.Our team is driven by multidisciplinary experience in medicine, genetics, cultivation techniques, natural medicines, biochemistry, agriculture, and information technology. Segra’s goal is to research, develop, test, produce, and market products that are effective, safe and have the highest quality for promoting and maintaining good health.

The Segra team has built its Quality System to address the most complex and highest regulated market in the world: Canada.The Segra Quality Management System, grow room design, tissue culture and genotyping, position the Company as a leading advisor in Quality.


The name Tommy Chong is thoroughly identified with Cannabis. As one-half of the legendary comedy duo Cheech & Chong, he helped to pioneer Stoner Comedy, a subversive style that came to symbolize counter-culture entertainment in the 1970’s.At the heart of this brand of entertainment was, of course, cannabis.

On screen and off, Tommy became a vocal advocate for his favorite herb. In a time when cannabis had to be talked about in whispers, Tommy was a loud voice for the movement, working tirelessly to de-stigmatize the use of this healing plant. Now that society has moved in a more positive direction regarding the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, Tommy’s voice continues to ring out loudly, touting its benefits and rightful place in society.