Study Shows 1 In 4 Consumers Feel They Are Getting A Personalized Shopping Experience

While a study from TimeTrade entitled “Personalization In Retail: A Reality Check” revealed the majority of consumers are not receiving the personalization they want, it also showed more than 50 percent of merchants are confident they are already providing a personalized experience to their customers.

It’s clear that in-store shopping is still commonplace, with nearly 90 percent of all transactions happening in person. That said, investments in store associates and technology are lagging. With nearly 50 percent of associates saying they don’t have enough knowledge about the products and services they’re selling, this lack of information has led more than 50 percent of employees to lie to a consumer.

When it comes to enabling customers, a Nielsen report found that 72 percent of mobile shoppers research products before buying them. 62 percent of respondents also said they want to see images more than anything else while conducting their online research.

Other highlights in the tracker include:

• One-third of all restaurants have smartphone apps.

• An exclusive interview with Scott Reich, co-founder of New York-based startup OurHarvest, which is on a mission to bring farmers and customers together digitally.

• News from around the omnicommerce world about howconsumerdemand is fueling progress, including studies about the impending future of retail, and a look at advancements being made by eCommerce giants.