Global Medicines for Aquaculture Market Report 2016 – Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts – Research and Markets

The fast-growing aquaculture health industry is of increasing interest to the mainstream animal health sector. This is demonstrated by the entry and expansion of the big global players into this market i.e. MSD, Elanco and Zoetis among others. It is estimated to be worth around US$500 million already.

This Animal Pharm report is the first to cover the aquaculture medicines market segment in depth. A wide range of diseases affect fish and shrimp production and these are described in the report, together with the latest research on aetiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. The causes include viruses, bacteria, ecto- and endo- parasites, and fungi.

Available pharmaceuticals are described including antimicrobials, probiotics, bacteriophages, immunostimulants, antiparasitics etc. and there is a separate chapter on vaccines for viral and bacterial disease, fish vaccine administration and specialised techniques including oral, nasal administration and novel delivery systems.

The final chapter revisits some of the problem issues for the industry and suggest how these are being addressed now and in the future. Regulatory issues such as GM salmon, problems with medication, the environment, public health and welfare are fully discussed.


Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Aquaculture Farming Practices

3. The fish feed industry

4. Diseases of aquatic species

5. Medicines in aquaculture

6. Fish vaccines

7. Diagnostics for aquaculture species

8. Regulation and responsible use of aquaculture medicines

9. References