Benefits of Responsible Use of Animal Antibiotics

MISSION, KS — (Marketwired) — 06/27/16 — (Family Features) Animal antibiotics have been used by farmers for decades to make food safer, prevent animal suffering and lessen the burden on our planet. However, concern about human antibiotic resistance is inspiring scrutiny of all uses of antibiotics.

Just as medical doctors are working to reduce antibiotic use in humans, veterinarians and farmers are making changes to limit the use of antibiotics on the farm. The goal in both cases is to reduce the possibility that antibiotic use creates a risk, whether for humans or animals.

“Regardless of the known level of risk, it is clearly in everyone’s best interest to ensure responsible use of antibiotics,” said Dorman, who is also the director of food integrity and consumer engagement for Phibro Animal Health Corp.

When used responsibly, animal antibiotics offer benefits for human health, animal health, the environment and your wallet.