Erickson Chosen for Coast Guard Helicopter Support in Alaska

Under the firm, fixed-price purchase order, Erickson’s Bell 212 helicopters will transport USCG Research and Development Center (RDC) staff and equipment to various locations in the Nome, Alaska area through the end of August. The contract work began on June 13, 2016.

“We are proud to support the exceptional work of the United States Coast Guard in Alaska,” said Rob Lewis, Vice President of Commercial Aviation Services at Erickson.

In Alaska, Erickson’s operations have multiple locations throughout the state, supporting various industry needs. For near-shore oil and gas customers, the company provides transport of passengers and cargo in the Cook Inlet andNorth Slope. It has also provided an aerial school bus for rural students. From a base inNome, Erickson transports residents to the island ofLittle Diomede, the Western-most point ofthe United States. The company has additionally worked on utility and infrastructure construction outside ofAnchorage.

Most recently, Erickson announced its selection for helicopter support to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Inventory Analysisproject. Erickson has served theAlaskamarket for more than 50 years.