COFCO Agri Opens Canadian Office to Strengthen North American Presence

COFCOAgriLtd. Announced today the establishment of COFCO Agri Canada Ltd., with an office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Canada is strategic: Its importance in the world grain and oilseed market, its proximity to China and its long standing relationship withEast Asia markets make it a natural area for us to develop our supply chains,” said Matt Jansen,CEO of COFCOAgriLtd. “At a time oftremendous demand pull from China, we see our new Canadian office as key to connecting Canadian farmers to the Chinese market.”

“We think our business model will have significantappeal to Canadian farmers, as we work to bring our consumers bids straight to the farm gate,”said KevinBrassington, Global Head, Grains & Oilseeds, COFCO Agri. “With our new office open by harvest time,we’ll work through existing supply chains-or develop new ones as the opportunities present themselves.”

With its global supply chain, COFCOAgrican offer a full range of demand opportunities to Canadian farmers, with a first-step focus on canola seed, canola meal, and canola oil, as well as wheat, barley, and soybeans.

COFCOAgri, a wholly-owned subsidiary of COFCO Corporation, is the exclusive platform for COFCO’s international agribusiness.