Ahrma Launches Revolutionary Smart Pallet

Dutch start-up company Ahrma launches a revolutionary pallet at the K-Messe in Dusseldorf. Ahrma combines new innovative materials with The Internet of Things, using state-of-the-art intelligence, and well managed pool and rental services. Thus creating optimal supply chain control, lower supply chain costs and proven sustainability benefits. Currently a small group of triple-A launching customers are commercially testing this ‘pallet loaded with innovation’.

The embedded transponder in each pallet has several radio-protocols: a long-range protocol for factory and warehouse wide coverage and a short-range protocol for smartphone scanning. Transponders communicate with intelligent low cost receivers that are mounted at strategic places on the customer premises. Such an intelligent system offers great benefits in the reuse transport packaging market and has the potential to set the standard in the market, as all assets can easily be tracked & traced in real time with very little operator input with minimal costs and minimal investments in infrastructure. Furthermore, the transponder allows for measurement of acceleration, temperature and weight, which allows users to obtain valuable operational data through the Ahrma Supply Chain Big Data System.

The Ahrma pallet is lighter in weight compared to other types of pallets with the same functionality. This saves direct transportation energy costs. The Total Cost of Ownership of Ahrma’s reusable pallet provides an excellent alternative for costly one way packaging products, currently in use. The unique compressed wood inner structure is made of MDF, which is CARB2 compliant. Furthermore the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and PEFC have certified the inner structure components of the pallet. The Ahrma track & trace system provides for an asset management system that ensures optimal asset utilization, allowing fewer pallets needed in the supply chain system.

SOURCE Ahrma Holding