BRC Recovery Unveils the Reasons Why Middle-Aged People Resort to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

In a report published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the onset of drugs and alcohol addiction usually start after age 48.

What then is the reason why these so-called boomers turn to drugs and alcohol?

Stress is a major factor. People who become dependent to drugs and alcohol in midlife are usually the result of stress brought about by the nation’s economic downturn. People in the middle age usually turn to addiction and self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Not being able to send their children to school, not being able to pay the equity of their homes are some examples of stress prompting these boomers to resort to drugs and alcohol with the hope that for a moment, they will be able to forget their problems.

Divorce is another major reason for substance abuse among the boomers. With almost 50% of marriages ending in divorce according to a report published by the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, a number of men and women who go through the difficulties of divorce resort to outside sources like drugs and alcohol to alleviate their emotional pains. With this damaging the emotional well-being of the person, they eventually detach themselves from their families and friends, and most often losing their jobs as well.

What is notable about BRC Recovery’s program is that after graduating from their structured recovery program, patients are still being given care and are enrolled to alumni workshops. Succeeding events also after graduation from the program are all helpful for the patients to fully recover. Not only do they receive from the experienced and highly-trained staff of BRC, they are also in a way helping their communities as they would be inspiration to the new patients.

If you have a friend or a family member who needs help and is within the area of Houston, Texas, feel free to contact BRC Recovery. Save them now and help them bring back the happiness in their lives.

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