Cecilia Johansen”s New Book “The Canoe Maker”s Son” is a Thrilling Adventure Through a Tale of Ancestors in Exotic and Tradition-Steeped Hawaii

(PRWEB) June 29, 2016

Cecilia Johansen, a writer with a deep infatuation with the culture and history of Hawaii, has completed her new book “The Canoe Maker’s Son”: an adventure set in times past that is so breathtaking that it parallels the subliminal beauty and exoticism of the place in which it is set: what is now known as the state of Hawaii.

When Cecilia Johansen moved to Hawaii to marry her second husband who is now deceased, she fell in love with the islands and their rich history and culture. Armed with a great deal of research, the stories from the lives of both of her husbands – who were also cousins – growing up in the Kapa’ahu, Puna District, and her penchant for writing quality, authentic literature on her beloved Hawaii Island led her to create several works of poetry and prose on the subject.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Cecilia Johansen’s exciting tale transports the reader all over Hawaii, lavishing on the details of the beautiful tropics and the seemingly endless sea, and onto the rugged coasts and the foreboding forests of the Pacific Northwest.

What begins as a grandfather telling his curious grandson highlights of their ancestry soon weaves itself into an exciting tale of shanghai, survival, and radical twists on what had previously been taken for granted as truth.

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