The Perennial Plate spends “A Summer in Colorado”

Local heritage and authentic interactions inspired by agriculture make for a bountiful culinary culture. While on tour for 2 months in Colorado to kick off Season 3, Daniel and Mirra, like all visitors, will have the chance to harvest, sheer, distill, brew, hunt, forage, butcher, cook and create. Their experience and stories will be documented on a variety of platforms, from theirPerennial Plate blogtoInstagramtoFacebooktoTwitter. They will engage with farmers and ranchers, hunters, chefs, gatherers, artists, historians and general enthusiasts in order to create a series of 10 short films, ranging from 2-15 minutes in length, each highlighting socially responsible and culinary discoveries across the state.

The Perennial Plate has been lauded by the likes of Michael Pollan and Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) for its production quality, insightful and informative content, and mind-opening approach to the interconnected complications of a global food network.

The guide for local-food eaters, craft-beer lovers, scenic-byway riders, fresh-fruit pickers, history-museum browsers, Wild West seekers, tiny-lamb petters, baby-goat groupies, farm and ranch fanciers and everything in between. And there’s a lot in between!