ScreenScape Update puts Spotlight on Scalability in Digital Signage

Charlottetown, PE, Canada (PRWEB) June 29, 2016

Scalability is critical for fast-expanding, sophisticated digital signage networks, and ScreenScape has completed major software and back-end infrastructure upgrades that ensure its content management platform can grow and respond at the accelerating pace of its most progressive customers.

The new version of ScreenScape’s SaaS-based digital signage management platform includes upgrades, revisions and new functionality aimed at speeding performance, simplifying tasks and making it easy to manage the targeting, scheduling and distribution of 1,000s of media assets across 100s or 1,000s of locations.

“In order for a digital signage solution to be its most effective, it has to be truly scalable,” says ScreenScape CEO Mark Hemphill. “Our customer base has grown considerably these past couple of years, and many of our customers have been scaling up. As a result, scalability is the theme, the common thread, that runs through the many improvements we’ve introduced.”

Some systems pass scalability tests only under controlled conditions, but really can only scale up with the help of high-paid experts, says Hemphill. “For a digital signage to be effective the content has to be timely and relevant for every local audience, on a daily basis,” says Hemphill. “True scalability is about passing these tests in spite of challenging conditions. It’s about rising to these challenges in a way that is both cost-effective and manageable by non-technical people.”

Go Auto, the largest automotive network in Western Canada, needs scalability to manage and tailor promotional messaging for more than 40 locations. Each location has multiple departments offering everything from sales and finance to collision repair, across a total of 21 new vehicle brands.

“It is clear that ScreenScape has made scalability a central theme in its value proposition” commented Shaun Guthrie, Go Auto’s IT Director. “It’s easy and cost effective for us to add new digital screens to our network of dealerships. Centralized management makes it easy for us to keep our content organized and under control, easy for us to execute our promotional campaigns effectively, keeping every screen fresh and relevant, and optimized for its viewing audience”

Richardson International, a global leader in agriculture and food processing, uses ScreenScape digital signage in many of its Ag Business Centres.

“We have scaled up to over 85 locations with relative ease” said Blair Swarbrick, Marketing Manager with Richardson Pioneer. “The ScreenScape system allows us to deploy the same message at the same time across all our locations. We can manage it in-house, without the help of outside experts, and that helps to keep our costs in check. The system also allows us to be flexible so we can customize and adjust our content at any time from anywhere”.

Behind the scenes, ScreenScape’s technical team has also completed a series of infrastructure upgrades that are delivering notable performance improvements, and adding system scalability features. For example, users no longer have to wait for the service to complete a complex action – such as publishing a large set of content to a large set of screens – before moving on to another task.

The developer team has also redesigned the search interface, making it faster and easier to find members and content in the ScreenScape Community.

“The overall effect is to bring more agility to our solution, and more comfort to our customers,” says Hemphill. “This is especially true for our largest customers, who involve their industry partners and have 100s of promotional spots to manage. If it’s easy to execute content across a large-scale network, that content is more likely to be optimized for every screen in every location, and that leads to more personalized, more targeted and more effective campaigns.”

The new updates are now available at no additional charge to all ScreenScape customers.