Food4Patriots: Review Examining 4Patriots Group of Companies” Survival Meals Released

Food4Patriots reviews have been flooding the Internet and reveals the truth about these food packs that are guaranteed to stay perfectly delicious and edible for 25 years.

Food4Patriots are complete meals that are scientifically engineered to store and last. They claim to be the ideal way to be able to stockpile enough quality meals to feed people and their families when Armageddon actually happens. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Food4Patriots are made from foodstuffs that are grown, harvested, and packaged in the USA. These food parcels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are packaged in airtight containers are easy to conceal, store and move. All the ingredients included within the food packages are 100% non-GMO, sourced from the very best “fresh produce” category just like the kind of stuff one will find in a local farmer’s market. Instead of freeze drying or rapid dehydration that only suck out the nutrients in the food, these survival meals are packed using NASA technology -Mylar, the same stuff that space suits are made from.

“The Mylar packaging provides a complete barrier against the very things that destroy food over time – light, oxygen, and moisture. In addition, the packaging is unobtrusive, easy to store, and easy to transport – perfect in that ‘end of the world’ scenario when one may well have to up and move at a moment’s notice,” says Stevenson. “Simply adding boiling water and simmering can make every single one of the meals. They are ready to eat in 15 minutes or less. People and their families are going to be well sorted with excellent quality nutrition for an extended period of time.”

“We can’t find a single thing that would discredit the quality of the nutrition in the Food4Patriots packs. They certainly seem to live up to all of their claims. The product provides exactly what it promises – great quality, highly nutritious food that really will give anyone enough energy (in terms of proteins, carbs, fats etc. – all in the correct proportions) to ensure that they are getting enough food. A family-owned firm in Utah that holds numerous safety and cleanliness certifications does the packaging of the meals. 4Patriots Group of Companies also has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.”

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