The Grove Nevada Experiences Unprecedented Positive Results From Their Grow by Using Heliospectras LED Grow Lights

The Grove Nevada is a 40,000 sq. ft cannabis grow operation using state-of-the-art vertical farming techniques and technology. During the Fall of 2015 they chose to invest in over 600 Heliospectra LED grow lights. The investment decision was made based on harvested yields and crop quality results, HVAC and electrical savings, and less than one year Return on Investment (ROI). These three factors contribute to continuous operational savings and profitable production at The Grove.

When the Las Vegas based company began exploring lighting options, they took a hard look at available lighting technologies. The Grove compared harvested yields and crop quality between various manufacturers, and the Heliospectra LX601C grow light stood out from the competition. Driving Heliospectra’s advantage is the unprecedented level of control over light spectrum, intensity, and duration:

“By choosing Heliospectra LED grow lights, The Grove is able to design light recipes that mimic sunrise, mid-day, and sunset. This approach, combined with a ‘far-red push’ during the last few weeks of flowering, equates to more harvests per year and a more profitable operation,” said Kevin Biernacki, Head Grower at The Grove.

The Grove’s first harvest yielded a strain with Myrcene levels of 10% and another boasting an impressive 31.4% THC level.

From an energy efficiency perspective, The Grove pays approximately half the electricity cost of a traditional HID oriented grow (e.g. High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide). Further, the choice to use Heliospectra LED grow lights had a major impact on the HVAC infrastructure investment for The Grove.

“We originally specified the HVAC system in our facility for HPS lighting. By using Heliospectra LED grow lights we were able to cut the HVAC demanded in half, saving us over 1.4mil USD in upfront expenses. The ROI with LED lamps was obvious,” said Kevin Biernacki.

The general contractor, Aaron Tippets of Tippets Mechanical, did his own heat testing of HPS versus LED. His conclusions were that with Heliospectra, only 50 tons of A/C would be required. This gave The Grove further confirmation that installing Heliospectra LED grow lights is a much more profitable path and justifies the initial investment. The final calculations show the ROI with Heliospectra’s lighting technology is within one year of operation.

As discerning business owners, the Grove did their research. Heliospectra outperformed the competition in harvested yields, crop quality, HVAC and electrical savings, and Return on Investment timeframe. These factors gave The Grove the confidence to invest in Heliospectra to be their preferred lighting supplier as they build their business. The outlook for expansion is promising as the medical cannabis market in Nevada continues to expand and their voters take to the polls in November to decide on adult use (recreational) of cannabis.

Click on the link below to view videos from The Grove to hear more about their results and why they chose Heliospectra.

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