The Tool Merchants Offers Discounts in Exchange for Garden Tools Evaluation

Williams, OR (PRWEB) June 29, 2016

“This is a win/win for us and the customer. The customer gets a great deal and we get feedback on new tools,” says company founder Matt Stern. “We look to our customers to help us fill in any gaps in our knowledge about specific tools. We offer deep discounts on certain tools in exchange for honest reviews. If feedback is positive, we order more of that tool. If feedback is only so-so or negative, we will not carry that tool in our catalog.”

The Tool Merchants is run by a family of homesteaders that garden, split firewood, grow fruit and do their best to live a simple, sustainable, healthy life that focuses on consuming as much home-grown food as possible and using Mother Nature’s resources wisely. Each staff member has used the majority of the tools in the catalog, enabling the company to provide helpful advice on the care and maintenance of the products it sells – products that come from tool makers around world, many of which have a long history (sometimes in excess of 100 years) of hand-crafting durable hand tools.

Discounts or not, customers visit The Tool Merchants to purchase garden tools and leave positive feedback, such as:

“I couldn’t be happier with this hoe, it’s a dream to work with…I can see myself using this for many years to come. Thank you so much!” – Nicole L

“If you want it now, and you want it with personal attention and you want a human being to benefit from your purchase, then this is the place to buy from. I was looking for a hula hoe and found it here and at a good price. Matt was so attentive to service, I was both surprised and touched! When I was confused about delivery and checked the wrong box….he called me after I did not see his note on an email. WOW! Where does that happen anymore? Thank you Matt for great information and personal service.” – Leslie K

The Tool Merchants wants to reward customers for taking the time to provide honest feedback that not only helps the company stock the best tools, but also helps prospective clients learn about the items they need.

About The Tool Merchants: We sell effective, durable hand tools to gardeners, small-scale farmers and homesteaders.

Our weeding hoes, garden forks, axes, knives and more are made to last. These are real, hand-made tools like your grandparents used, not the mass produced tools found in big box retail stores.

In addition to using these tools ourselves on our 5-acre homestead, we actively solicit real feedback from our clients so that we can continue to stock the best and most-requested items.

Please enjoy our unique tool selection from Germany, Holland, Japan, the UK and other places around the world with brands that span over a century of quality tool-making.

Free returns and long warranties ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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