Sodexo and Chef Jesse Cool Elevate Nutrition Standards, Waste Reduction Volumes, and Patient Satisfaction Score for Food at Stanford Health Care

Sodexo played a key role in working through the supply chain issues that brought the transformation to life. This included sourcing antibiotic-free and non-GMO meats from local vendors. Stanford Health Care is the first hospital in the country to serve Certified Non-Genetically Modified beef to patients, staff and visitors. The product comes from local pasture-raised certified organic beef that is free of hormones and antibiotics.

New staff pushed beyond the typical approach to institutional food service, by cooking from scratch, altering recipes and training staff. It required time, education and re-tooling of established foodservice techniques used in high-volume, cost-controlled environments. It was no easy feat, considering that Stanford Health Care:

A Farmers’ Market was also established in the Stanford Health Care cafeteria. Every Wednesday (year-round), staff and visitors can purchase seasonal produce. Customers are encouraged to sample the freshly-prepared salads in the caf that Sodexo chefs create using the same locally-grown, organic foods available in the Farmers’ Market. They can purchase individual foods by the pound or a “recipe bag,” which includes all of the ingredients needed to prepare the salad along with a recipe card.

Everything from major renovations to space design, customer flow and cashier lines and improving the overall customer experience was considered. To further engage customers, the team implemented a “Storyteller” feature where a hospital nutrition student trained in the Farm Fresh concepts engages customers in a discussion about the local fare that is offered. The Storyteller is present a few times a week, offers samples and discusses features of the food (e.g., what region it is grown in and from what farm it is sourced). Sampling allows customers to try items like a cilantro- or garlic-infused olive oil “drizzle” for their vegetables, which are prepared without salt or seasonings.

The sales results show that, rather than driving customers away by offering healthier options, they can actually increase sales. Following the new approach 2016 sales are on track for a 22% increase. The Food Transformation at Stanford Health Care will continue with the transformation of additional caf stations to the Farm Fresh concept, which will also be incorporated into the caf renovation and the new Stanford Hospital, consisting of 824,000 square feet of space, which will open for patient care in 2018.