K. B. Penwarden”s New Book “Donkey Pause” is an Uplifting Work About Lost Letters Helping the Main Character Through Her Life

(PRWEB) June 30, 2016

K. B. Penwarden, a devoted writer and author, has completed her new book “Donkey Pause”: a gripping and potent story of love, commitment, acceptance and forgiveness.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, K. B. Penwarden’s encouraging work details how Coral begins to gain her self-worth back after reading the letters found in her new home.

Coral gave up her career aspirations for love and family. Though she never regrets her decision, her feelings of self-worth suffer tremendously, especially after her twins start first grade. She’s faced with spending her days in the company of a stranger, herself.

A misunderstanding encourages her husband to accept an employment transfer to a rural farming community that seems inspired by a Norman Rockwell painting. She’s furious that he misinterprets her comment, but he’s already signed the contract and risks losing his job if he reneges. Besides, it’s a choice assignment with a significant raise in pay. Still, Coral resents Larry’s eagerness to leave the only home they’ve ever shared.

Once in their new home, Coral discovers letters stashed away in an old hat box. They were started in 1934 and were written by Emily, the only child of wealthy business owners who were extremely protective of their chronically ill daughter. The letters were intended for Joe, the son of the black handyman who worked at her home. A friendship between the two children was strictly taboo, and the letters Emily wrote but never delivered to Joe were influential in helping Coral find definition to her own life.

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