Mohani Stockwell”s New Book “Where Is Home?” is a Telling and Emotional Memoir About the Struggles of a Guyanese Immigrant to Find her Place in the Western World

(PRWEB) June 30, 2016

Mohani Stockwell, a retired nurse, wife, mother, Guyana native and author, has published “Where Is Home?” a beautiful window into the hardship, passion, perseverance and triumph of the immigrant experience and how one woman’s dream takes her on an international journey she could never have imagined as a young girl growing up on a farm in rural Guyana. “Where is Home?” is an illuminating memoir about the struggles of an immigrant to find her place in the western world after leaving her homeland for a better life and the love of her family that gave her the sustenance and courage to achieve her goals and create her own “home.” This tale is a wonderful and inspiring read that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Mohani Stockwell’s inspiring work will educate and open the eyes of the reader to the many problems and hardships that immigrants go through.

This is a story depicting the author’s early life growing up in third world country Guyana, South America. The author reflects on her family’s origin and her adolescent years spent in Bengal and Plantation Highbury. She writes about her travel, studying and working in various countries and how she was able to cope with the adversity, and diversity of life. Throughout the book the author writes about the different places she called home and how it impacted her life. Her stories cover four and a half decades living in western societies and how she was able to hold on to hope during the days of despair. Life is just a shadow of time, but the stories can last an eternity.

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