Governor General Announces 113 New Appointments to the Order of Canada

For her revolutionary contributions to geochemistry, notably in the development of innovative mechanisms for groundwater remediation, and for her discovery of ancient fluids that hold implications for life on other planets.

For his efforts in the public and private sectors to promote forest management and regeneration.

For her contributions to our understanding of the cognitive benefits of bilingualism, and for opening up new avenues of research in her field.

For his achievements as a senior business executive and for his dedication to the well-being of his community.

For his significant contributions to the literary arts and critical thinking for over half a century.

For his contributions to the information technology sector through CGI Group, and for his philanthropic contributions.

For his contributions to the Canadian college system as a long-time academic administrator.

For his pioneering use of molecular genetics to identify risk factors in a range of conditions, including infectious diseases and cancer, and for his leadership in the health sciences.

For his contributions as a neurosurgeon who helped to establish deep brain stimulation as a globally recognized treatment for movement disorders.

For his achievements as a business leader and for his contributions to academic institutions as a philanthropist.

For his scholarly contributions to the study of ethnic conflict and for designing governance frameworks that promote peace.

For contributing to Canadian health care by developing evidence-based policy, and for promoting and disseminating medical research with a particular focus on children’s well-being.

For his artistic contributions as a sculptor and for his preservation of our northern heritage and national identity.

For his leadership in establishing the Canadian Light Source research facility, and for his seminal scientific contributions using synchrotron radiation.

For her community engagement and commitment to the advancement of women and public service, notably in educational broadcasting.

For his advances in applying personalized medicine to cancer treatment, and for his leadership in creating research networks in his field.

For his contributions as a physician, politician and community leader who has encouraged the development of civic, economic and social initiatives in his region.

For her business acumen as a respected employment creator and for her mentorship of women.

For his contributions as a philanthropist, notably to fisheries conservation and medical research.

For his contributions as a photojournalist and for his dedication to several not-for-profit social initiatives.

For their leadership in establishing a unique retail brand and for their commitment to the environment and to healthy living.

For her contributions to Canadian women’s hockey as a player, broadcaster and role model.

For her public service and for her work as a champion of palliative care.

For her leadership in advancing pay equity and for her long-standing commitment to social justice.

For her insightful contributions to the study of early works of English literature, and for her service to the academic community.

For his achievements and dynamic presence on the theatre scene and for his significant mentorship in the arts.

For her contributions as a children’s entertainer who, through song and music, helps to develop creativity and self-expression in youth.

For his innovations in loyalty management, which have propelled his firm to the global forefront, and for his dedication to a variety of causes, including the arts and health care.

For her contributions to translating research into health care improvements for older Canadians.

For her contributions to advancing our understanding of the behaviour and society of several primate species, and for her dedication as a mentor to the next generation of primatologists.

For her contributions to health care and health planning as a public servant and hospital administrator.

For his accomplishments as a business leader and for his sustained commitment to his community, notably in support of poverty reduction and Aboriginal peoples.

For her contributions as a psychologist and therapist who has developed an innovative and empirical approach to marital, couple and family therapy.

For her brilliant career as a musician and for her dedication for over 40 years to ensuring copyright protection for artists across Canada.

For his contributions as an oncologist, researcher and clinician who has developed a number of new treatment regimens that have become the Canadian standard in clinical practice.

For her contributions to making science easier for children to understand through her hands-on workshops and for her work to involve parents, teachers and librarians in science education.

For his contributions as a leading advocate and administrator in the field of mental health care.

For her efforts as a psychiatrist and pediatrician who seeks to prevent, reduce and respond to family violence.

For their commitment to the homeless and marginalized of the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, notably for the creation of the Working Centre.

For his leadership in business education and for his innovative studies in corporate management.

For his contributions to Canadian culture as an actor, writer and director.

For her pioneering achievements in publishing and for her unstinting support of Canadian writers.

For her creative contributions as a ballet dancer and choreographer, and for her leadership as the artistic director of Ballet BC.

For his contributions to the management of cardiovascular disease and to the advancement of patient health management.

For his contributions to the conservation of Arctic shorebirds and other migratory species.

For his contributions as a labour arbitrator and for his work in improving labour-management relations in several key Canadian industries.

For her contributions to the success of academic institutions as an administrator, and for her efforts to create educational opportunities for Indigenous peoples.

For his contributions as a leader in the financial business sector and as a dedicated volunteer with various charitable organizations.

For his accomplishments as a science fiction writer and mentor, and for his contributions as a futurist.

For her contributions to the hotel and financial services sectors, and for her community engagement, most recently as chair of SickKids Foundation.

For his leadership in intellectual property law as a scholar and mentor.

For his influential scholarship that has shed light on the contributions of Black Canadians to the development of our nation.

For his contributions to enriching economic policy debate as an economist and as the founder of the Fraser Institute.

For his contributions as a leading public servant, jurist and regulator who has served on the Federal Court and as chair of both the Ontario Energy Board and the Ontario Securities Commission.

For her leadership in academic medicine and nephrology, and for her scientific contributions to our understanding of the cellular mechanisms underlying kidney disorders.

For his advances in the field of pediatric orthopedics, notably in identifying the optimal treatment for a number of childhood conditions requiring surgery.

The insignia of the Order is a stylized snowflake of six points, with a red annulus at its centre which bears a stylized maple leaf circumscribed with the motto of the Order, DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (“They desire a better country”), surmounted by the Royal Crown. It is struck in fine silver and is composed of three individual pieces: the snowflake, annulus and maple leaf. The colour is added by hand through a unique application of opaque and translucent enamel.