Memoirs of a Woman with Modest Beginnings Brought Life and Admiration to a School Community

Today, LEAP Academy University Charter School is a place that holds miracles every day. There, lesser privileged students are provided with quality education-thanks to the advocacy of author and school founder Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, PhD. The book is the author’s story of how she transformed her life from a once underprivileged child living in Puerto Rico, to a high-ranking, well-respected woman of education. She tells of her institution’s vast accomplishments despite its location in a poor and crime-stricken city, Camden, New Jersey. This book tells about the sowed seeds of persistent dedication, relentless survival and the gaining of a profound respect in a world where often times, racial prejudices can get in the way of success and recognition. It is a book that carries the heart of public service and the fighting for important values in spite of life’s greatest setbacks.

An inspiring, engrossing journey about creating an opportunity when seemingly no opportunity is there, this is a must-read book offering much wisdom and experience for many educators and readers. It speaks about the value of educational excellence and community togetherness.

Author Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, a Puerto Rican child of migrant farm workers, defied her family, tradition, and expectations to reach the highest ranks of academia and overcome monumental obstacles to create LEAP Academy, one of the nation’s best charter schools.

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