MARS DRINKS Issues 2016-2020 Sustainability Review, Citing Progress Since 2010, Announces Aim To Become Most Sustainable Workplace Drinks Solution

According to its review, MARS DRINKS achieved the majority of the 2010-2015 sustainability targets including:

Guided by the sustainability principles and initiatives of its parent company, Mars, Incorporated, MARS DRINKS is focusing its 2016-2020 sustainability initiatives in three areas: sustainable agriculture, sustainable operations and sustainable solutions.

With new targets established for the next five years, by 2020 the company aims to:

In addition to these objectives, the company will strive to incorporate sustainability at every stage of its value chain, from the raw materials purchased, to the factories where products are made, to the consumables and technologies they deliver to the world’s workplaces.

Veide noted, “Coffee and tea communities face complex challenges including poor productivity, low farmer incomes and the impact of a changing climate, including: pests, droughts and plant diseases.” To help address these issues, the 2016 MARS DRINKS sustainability report includes a case study of the company’s partnership with World Coffee Research (WCR).

Looking towards 2020, new sustainable operations targets have been identified to help maintain progress, including: