Recounted Stories of Genesis Speak of Faith, Finding it and Carrying it Along the Journey

What is faith? Do you have enough of it or a lack of it? How do you know which state of faith you’re nurturing? There are degrees to faith – from a missing one, dysfunctional one, to a well-practiced one. And it is through a healthy faith that one may live righteously as an admirable, purposeful instrument of the Lord.

In its contents, one will be enlightened by the teachings of Genesis 1-11. The book does not provide a simple summarization of the book itself, rather a deep perspective on faith, from the loss of faith, healthy faith, restoration of faith, to its practice and constant abidance. All this through Genesis’ wisdom. More so, the reader will come to understand that one does not need to be perfect in order to be deemed great or worthy, one merely needs to find faith, (to find it is to desire it) and carry it in our flawed world.

Well-written with wisdom and introspect, any person can discover a new self, a renewed faith, and promise to keep it with them forever through this wonderful book by a God-fearing and inspiring teacher.

A practicing physician for twenty-nine years, Ronald Ragotzy has the highest regard for science but a greater passion for the sacred. He spends his weeks working within the evidence-based world of medicine. In his free time, he visits and kayaks with family and friends or travels to see his only son, Declan, at Carroll University. Dr. Ragotzy lives in a Janesville, Wisconsin, 1920s, Tudor-style stucco cottage with a city park in his front yard and a forest preserve in his back yard.

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