Purrfect Post Manufactures Its Cat Scratching Products in the USA

The owner of the small business, Dr. Christianne Schelling, is a veterinarian who believes in manufacturing her products on US soil because it adds to the local economy, provides jobs to fellow Americans, and allows her to produce a quality product.

“I know that every single one of my items was given the individual attention that it deserves while it was being built. I want my customers to receive a quality, lasting product, and I want their cats to love it,” Dr. Schelling said. She believes that cats love Purrfect Post’s products, in part, because they are hand-crafted to be strong and stable. “They’re created using the highest-quality materials, and they’re assembled individually with care, by craftsman who take great pride in their work,” she says of her cat scratching posts.

Dr. Schelling designed Purrfect Post’s products herself, using her knowledge of cat scratching behavior. “I started making posts for individuals because there was nothing on the market that fulfilled what cats really need in a scratching post. I am against declawing, so that’s not an acceptable solution to me. Word got around about my posts, and soon the demand became so big that I had to make a business out of it and hire more people.”

About Aquanta, LLC:

Dr. Christianne Schelling, a veterinarian with a huge interest in human and animal health and wellness, established Aquanta, LLC. Located at the base of the Sequoia National Forest in Three Rivers, CA, Aquanta explores the many different ways that we can improve our lives through education and high-quality products. Aquanta delves into a vast and diverse range of subjects including pet and human wellness, ways to de-stress, skin and hair care, cutting-edge product development, and more.

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