Public Anticipation Grows as Douglas Couplands Stanley Park ‘Hollow Tree’ Sculpture Nears Completion

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — (Marketwired) — 06/30/16 — Completion of Douglas Coupland’s impressive public artwork is underway. Named Golden Tree after the famous Stanley Park Hollow Tree landmark, the full-scale mirror-image replica will become the focal point of Vancouver’s southern gateway for decades to come.

It took two long days involving a highly disciplined crew of riggers and crane operators to carry out a “technical” lift and to fit the tree sections in position. This was certainly one of the most complex installations of art anywhere in Canada. Finishing work will be completed in mid-July, where the artwork will form the centrepiece of the plaza at the entrance to Intracorp’s new MC2 development at Marine Drive at Cambie. The sculpture is constructed of steel-reinforced resin and fiberglass, encased in a gold finish. The artwork took more than 6,000 hours to fabricate and finish to Coupland’s exacting design and specifications.

Measuring 43 feet in height, the large sculpture will be clearly visible to the residents of the South Cambie neighbourhood plus the approximately 100,000 Canada Line passengers travelling between Vancouver and Richmond daily.

As a backdrop to the sculpture, Coupland has created a 25 x 40 foot image depicting the lush Stanley Park forest applied to the glass facade behind the artwork. This provides visual context for the piece.

In July, the City of Vancouver along with Mr. Coupland and Intracorp will join together for a community celebration honoring this significant new addition to Vancouver’s cityscape.

When speaking about Golden Tree, Mr. Coupland noted that the area around SW Marine Drive and Cambie “spooked” him as a youth because it had no “aura”. Today, he observes that Vancouver’s demographic centre of gravity is moving eastward, and with a Canada Line station next door, and Intracorp’s MC2 development, he says this area has become a new energy centre in Vancouver.

“Having a genuine vibrant neighborhood filled with happy citizens is a big help, too. But how could I help as an artist? My decision was to create a mirror image of the Hollow Tree, as though the real tree had been teleported across the city to compensate for the city’s new centre of gravity. In the process it became a mirror image of itself and it became gilded in gold. It’s the best thing in Vancouver.”

Designed by James KM Cheng Architects Inc. and with interiors by Trepp Design Inc., Intracorp’s MC2 project will be an architecturally significant arrival point celebrating Vancouver’s new Cambie corridor; the gateway between Richmond and Vancouver.

Featuring two towers designed by internationally acclaimed architect, James Cheng, MC2 is an exciting community offering ingeniously designed spaces with multi-functional space saving solutions and substantial outdoor spaces with each home to capture the incredible views. The community features a pedestrian friendly base containing 9,500 square feet of retail commercial amenities. An array of amenities for all residents is located on the rooftop of these base units, in the form of an ornamental and community gardens, attractive breathing spaces, BBQ spaces and an outdoor exercise area.

“We are thrilled to house this beautiful piece of public art in front of MC2. This is a great way for Intracorp to share our passion for Vancouver and this growing community,” said Don Forsgren, President & CEO of Intracorp. “We appreciate the City of Vancouver’s dedication to public art and cannot speak highly enough of Douglas Coupland’s artistry and vision for contributing beauty to our city.”

The fully occupied MC2 was completed in early 2016 and added 443 residential condominium homes and 110 market rental homes to the emerging Cambie Corridor. In addition to the public art contribution, two Local-Artists-in-Residence studios were gifted by Intracorp to the City of Vancouver as part of this project.

About the Hollow Tree

The Stanley Park Hollow Tree is an 800-year-old Western Red Cedar tree stump, and was Vancouver’s first major tourist attraction starting in the late 19th century. Historic photographs show cars and people inside it. It was slated to be removed after being badly damaged in a December 2006 windstorm, until the Stanley Park Hollow Tree Conservation Society was formed to save it. The tree has since been stabilized with the help of private donations.

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