Field Trip: Summer Field Days to Help Farmers Improve Soil Health


“We ask a lot of our nation’s farmers: To safely feed a growing world, grow more with less, and perform these tasks with continuous improvement,” said Nick Goeser, director of the Soil Health Partnership. “Time and again, they rise to the challenge with innovation and industriousness. Soil health is the next frontier, and more farmers are realizing that every day.”

Practices that protect and improve soil, such as cover crops and minimum tillage, are some of the most effective options for building organic matter and capturing carbon, Goeser said.

“Through a meaningful agricultural transformation, farmers are working to mitigate greenhouse gases by rejuvenating soil, which helps it store carbon more effectively,” he said.

Although each field day will be unique to its region, farmers enrolled in the Partnership will host most of them. Working with field managers and agronomists, the farmers adopt agricultural practices that are right for them, then carefully measure the difference in how their farms perform over time.

A list of currently planned events and registration can be found at More events will be posted throughout the summer.