PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:PSWS) Retains Dominick & Dominick LLC As Its Strategic Advisor

PureSafe believes that Dominick’s extensive experience, expertise, and long history of success will greatly assist in the global strategic rollout of their water purification units over the short, medium and long term. Dominick will provide the Company with capital markets and investment banking services, as well as advising on potential synergistic corporate transactions.

“Dominick & Dominick shares PureSafe’s strategic vision in globally deploying a water purification unit that is mobile, easily deployed, and is capable of treating all types of contaminated water.

Over the past 12 months we have moved from our R&D phase into our initial production phase, selling our first production units which are now successfully deployed in the field. During this time, our Company has started to rapidly transform, as the global water market realizes the multi-faceted applications of our product even outside of the disaster relief arena and use in 3rd world countries for treatment of contaminated water. Many of the groups contacting us for our product are involved in other sectors including oil & gas, mining, and agriculture, just to name a few. The fact that the unit is extremely mobile, easily deployed, can treat all types of contaminated water, and operated through a simple touch screen (even by untrained personnel), it truly allows our customers maximum flexibility. We currently have units on the ground in the oil & gas space, which is an area where we see an extraordinary opportunity for our units to greatly increase efficiency, while creating an environmentally responsible workplace.

We are excited about our new relationship with Dominick and believe that a firm with their insight and integrity can help us move into a position to take advantage of an extraordinary market opportunity. After 5 years of diligent research and development we are now poised to rollout globally PureSafe water purification units.”

“I was enormously impressed by the history and potential of PureSafe. We believe PureSafe is in an attractive position to make a major impact in the target markets that desperately need water purification systems, and the Company is on track to become a recognized global leader in the space.”

SOURCE PureSafe Water Systems, Inc.