Research and Markets: Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1211

After the 12th AgroChemEx held in Shanghai City on 20-22 Oct., 2012, the price of glyphosate did not change in general and still remains at a high level. Besides, traders’ procurement demand for glyphosate in mid-Nov. 2012 was not so strong as in last two months because most traders are still holding a wait-and-see attitude and expecting to get a relatively low price of glyphosate, which means that future price changes of glyphosate becomes a key factor in determining traders’ demand for glyphosate produced by China’s producers.

In addition, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China finished on 14 Nov., 2012, but to promulgate the stringent environmental protection standards for organic phosphorus industry is still unknown, which would probably facilitate the resuming of glyphsoate production in some small and medium producers.

Under this situation, will the price of glyphosate remain stable in the following months?

– Zhejiang Wynca achieves great operating performance in Q3 2012, but it suffers operating profit losses in Q1-Q3 2012 due to huge operating profit losses in Q1 2012, which, however, does not shake its expectation that it will turn loss into gain in the whole year 2012.

– Nantong Jiangshan still faces funding chain crisis though it achieves gratifying operating performance in Q2-Q3 2012. Therefore, the solution for the funding chain crisis will be a bottleneck for Nantong Jiangshan’s health and stable development in the coming years.

– Anhui Huaxing turns loss into gain successfully in Q3 2012, but it still suffers operating losses in Q1-Q3 2012 due to huge operating profit losses in H1 2012. Anhui Huaxing is not optimistic about successfully turning loss into gain in the whole year 2012.

– Nufarm’s total revenue is USD2,270.12 million in fiscal year 2012, the highest one in the past three fiscal years, mainly resulting from the revenue increase in Australasia, North America and South America.

– Glycine’s price increases by about 13% in Sept. 2012 over Jan. 2012, but glycine market does not improve essentially due to severe overcapacity in glycine industry.

– Glyphosate market improves greatly in Q1-Q3 2012, but Zhejiang Wynca, Nantong Jiangshan and Anhui Huaxing achieve different operating performance. Besides, Nantong Jiangshan turns loss into gain successfully in Q1-Q3 2012, but Zhejiang Wynca and Anhui Huaxing fail.

– The total sales of China’s top eight glyphosate companies increases in the past three years since 2009, but its proportion in the total sales of China top 100 pesticide companies decreases to 17.81% in 2011 from 20.57% in 2009.

– Glyphosate’s price keeps stable in Nov. 2012.

– Export volume of glyphosate technical increases by 20.66% in Sept. 2012 MOM, with its export price up by 10.18%.

– Analysis of glyphosate export in Q3 2012

– Zhejiang Wynca

– Nantong Jiangshan

– Anhui Huaxing

– Sichaun Fuhua

– Jiangsu Yangnong

– Zhejiang Jinfanda

– Nufarm

– Jiangsu

– Good Harvest-Weien

– Shandong Weifang Rainbow