FuelDefend Global Completes First Phase US Network Roll-Out

FuelDefend Global has now completed its first phase roll out of fuel theft prevention product lines within the North American marketplace, and is now finalizing its plans to further add to its portfolio.

“Following a successful exhibition and press conference at the recent ATA Management convention, FuelDefend Global has now established itself as the leading supplier of premium fuel theft prevention equipment to both the North American Class 8 truck sector, and, increasingly, to the Construction and Agriculture markets too,” comments CEO Russell Fowler. “The establishment of a nationwide sales infrastructure within North America adds to our existing global network of agents and direct sales operations. Further, our class-leading anti-siphons significantly raise the standards in the US, which until now has had little by way of effective anti-siphons to select from”

FuelDefend Global manufactures and markets the world’s broadest range of fuel theft prevention products with a new portfolio of vehicle security, safety and fuel efficiency. A $5m turnover business, the company has a design and prototype manufacturing operation based in the UK, and TUV-approved bulk manufacturing facilities in China.

“While the general tenor of conversation points to, at best, minimal growth within the Triad truck markets for 2013, our sector positioning offers us significant upside potential even in a static or down market,” says Fowler. “The macro overhang that is coloring both Europe and North America is proving a restraint to new vehicle Capex, but our portfolio is focused far more on efficiency improvements to the existing rolling fleet. As shipping rates tighten and Operating Margins diminish, this has become a clear management focus within the global trucking industry, and it is one that we are very well-placed to capitalize upon.”