Research and Markets: Seed China News 1211 – News From The 18th Party Congress in Beijing

In early Nov. 2012, the 18th Party Congress was successfully held in Beijing, a most important event in China. In the Congress Report, “Three Agriculture Issues” covering “Countryside, Agriculture and Peasants” was put forward as the top priority of the Party. The integration of urban and rural development is considered to be the fundamental way to solve “Three Agriculture Issues”.

The party is going to make more efforts to co-ordinate the development of urban and rural areas, adhere to industry nurturing agriculture, strengthen preferential agricultural policies, gradually narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, ensure national food security, etc.

The income of peasants shall be continuously increased in future. The land contract and management rights of peasants must be protected in accordance with the law. In addition, the land expropriation system will be reformed to raise the allocation ratio of peasants in land value-added benefits.

– The market price of non-transgenic soybean output in Heilongjiang witnessed obvious increase after October, mainly owing to the decreased output.

– “Zhongdan 909” suffered stalk breaking in partial areas of Hebei as a strong wind occurred in the sensitive growth period of the variety.

– The performance differentiation of listed seed companies in China in the first three quarters is basically the same with that in H1 this year.

– ZARD would acquire 52.05% equity of HPSG to further expand and perfect its seed business segment.

– Longping High-tech would peel off its inferior businesses including rice business and take a professional route to develop seed business.

– CCM invites Researcher Jiang Jingbin to talk about the occurrence of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) in Northeast China.

– With excellent comprehensive traits, foreign varieties have been dominating the sweet pepper seed market in Shandong.

– The application of SNP marker testing technology is expected to enhance the seed testing degree in China.

– CCM has an interview with Ma Dehua to learn about “Derit 10”, a new cucumber variety with excellent heat resistance.

– “Xianyu 335”, “Zhengdan 958” and “Liangyu” varieties have dominated the corn seed market in Jilin but their current market shares would decrease in future.

– Longping High-tech