Stevia Producer Sweet Green Fields Announces Long-Term Focus on U.S. Agriculture Stemming From Successful 2012 Crops

As an agricultural leader, Sweet Green Fields is committed to developing and implementing sustainable and socially responsible practices, and working with its grower partners and stakeholder community, to leverage technologies and uphold its commitments to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in order to ensure responsible and sustainable stevia production.

“Sweet Green Fields developed and implemented harvest and handling practices that are consistently delivering a 35-percent increase in leaf yield and a corresponding glycoside yield increase on a per acre basis,” said Teegarden.

Offering one of the most extensive stevia crop science research portfolios with innovations in plant breeding, growing and harvesting, Sweet Green Fields achieves consistently high yields of sweetener per plant, with varieties yielding 80-90 percent of the desired steviol glycoside content, while maintaining quality standards with the lowest cost.

SOURCE Sweet Green Fields