Photo Release — Brownie Camera That Took Famous Photo of FDR up for Bid Along With Negatives and Signed Photo in Roosevelt Memorabilia Auction

When Franklin Roosevelt first returned home to Hyde Park after his Presidential inauguration in 1933, Margaret, then 16, took this popular photo of FDR seated outside his home. Absolute Auction & Realty will sell her original Brownie camera, the negatives and signed photo at public auction along with many other personalized items from her lifelong collection of Roosevelt Memorabilia.

Items in this collection include letters written to and from Margaret and the presidential family. Rare collection of Christmas cards from the Roosevelt’s, many with family photos from 1930s to 1960s with the original envelopes having the Presidential embossed eagle seal, political campaign buttons, letter from Sara Roosevelt announcing the engagement of Franklin and Eleanor; a letter explaining the death and funeral ceremony of Sara Roosevelt dated September 1941, letters and signatures by Eleanor Roosevelt.

The auction also includes newspaper clippings, postcards, brass bookends, letters from the United States Department of the Interior, receipts for Val-Kill furniture purchased from the Mr. & Mrs. John A. Roosevelt Val-Kill Farms Auction from November 1970, programs for the FDR memorial and much more!

Historic Hyde Park on the Hudson has played a strong part in American history and has even been memorialized in books and most recently with the release of the movie “Hyde Park on the Hudson” starring Bill Murray. No one understood this better than the Hyde Park Historian, Marquez, who was born on the Roosevelt estate where her father and grandfather were head farmers, grew up to become the town historian and also the director of the Hyde Park Historical Society Museum. Margaret authored “Hyde Park on the Hudson,” a book compiling a pictorial account of the historic river town.