MegaCARE Missions, The Global Humanitarian Ministry Of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Helps Restore Peace In Kenya

Last week, MegaCARE Missions met with tribal leaders to reinforce peaceful relationships between the tribes and to discuss goals for returning the pipeline to a self-sustainable project going forward. Over 100 representatives from the Masaai and Kukuyu tribes attended bringing 4,000 cattle, donkeys and goats to reinforce the commitment to peace and to commemorate the restoration of the T.D. Jakes Pipeline and Water Station.

The T.D. Jakes Rift Valley Water System supports some 20,000 people, local businesses, farms and more than one million livestock including cattle, donkeys and goats. It was confirmed that the pipeline has been restored and, due to reliable water access, new businesses are able to emerge and stay in the Rift Valley promoting economic development.

During an inspection in June, MegaCARE Missions discovered that the 14 water systems installed by the organization had been damaged due to a recent earthquake and rain. The damage restricted access to clean water for thousands of villagers and their livestock causing tension between the two tribes. Historically, wars between these neighboring tribes began over access to this vital resource.

SOURCE MegaCARE Missions