Hudsons and Perdue Prevail Against Environmental Extremists

According to DeYoung, the Waterkeepers put an innocent farm family through hell and tried to drive a wedge between farmers and responsible environmentalists. Evidence presented during the trial showed that the Waterkeeper Alliance and the Assateague Coastal Trust were determined to file a lawsuit against a poultry farm affiliated with a major chicken producer and went looking for a victim in flights over the Eastern Shore.

DeYoung added that Perdue has a long history of investing in research, new technologies, equipment upgrades, awareness and training to address environmental issues. “Perdue is the only company that, through Perdue AgriRecycle, offers poultry growers across Delmarva an alternative to land application of chicken litter. We believe it is possible to preserve the family farm and provide a safe, abundant and affordable food supply, while protecting our communities and the environment. We look forward to continuing to work with responsible environmental groups that recognize agriculture’s role in preserving open spaces and protecting the Bay,” she said.